You Know You Have a Large Family When…

Where we live, there are separate days to register your kids for the regular recreation programs and for swimming.  Last week, I spent an hour and a half filling out their registration for some rec. programs.  Today, I received a Christmas card in the mail and when I opened it up, out fell a $25 gift card for Parks and Recreation in our community and the card read…

“Congrats on setting a new record!  54 program registrations in one day!  Way to Go!  Thank you for being active in our community.  from your friends at Recreation”

So…you know you have a large family when…you set a new record for the amount of program registrations in one day!!!

This week is the week for swimming registrations and I will be registering 4 or 5 kids for that, so the $25 gift card will come in very handy!!!


4 responses to this post.

  1. That is hilarious! I wonder how many registrations the runner-up had??


  2. Were those 54 registrations all yours? (And that doesn’t include swimming?) just have to ask… lol… but awesome about the gift card!


    • Those were all for my kids!!! Swimming will add another five registrations to that! I honestly don’t have my kids overscheduled…it’s just that each homeschool art and drama class is one registration, as in it’s not a six or eight week art or drama program, but each week is its own program, so when I register five kids in many of the art classes, it adds up quickly. Some of the registrations were for a four week cross country ski program and four kids are going into that. You should have seen the length of the receipt they printed off!!!


      • ok… that makes more sense! I was trying to figure out HOW you could do that many different activities ~ lol. “54 registrations” and “the record” is funny!

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