I’m Back

Posts around here have been few and far between.  Sorry about that.  Before I offer my excuse, let me just say that my hat goes off to all the single moms out there.  Really.  My excuse is that for almost a month out of the last two months, my husband has been away and when I have to do the suppertime, bedtime routine myself for too many days in a row, I get tired.  When he is home, there are nights that he works late or isn’t home in the evenings, but I get at least a few times in a week where he helps with the tuck ins.  He was back from Ethiopia for just over three weeks (much of which he spent trying to catch up at work from what he missed) and now is out of the country again.  So, truly, I have huge admiration for single moms who do this all of the time.  This year, Mark has been away for seven weeks total, not all at once, and it has really made it so that I have gotten behind in the extras in my life, such as writing, scrapbooking, and blogging.  It has also made me behind in some of the essentials in my life like housekeeping, but I’ll use any excuse to get behind in that!!!

Today, my awesome babysitter Mandi is here and I have locked myself in the office and am typing out blog posts and online articles, so expect some regular posts to go up in the days that follow.  Mark gets back on Friday, so I suppose after that, I’ll have no excuse not to blog.


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  1. Oh how I know those days when hubby is gone and we’re left to man the troops all day and into the evening. It is tiring. Hope this week is a little less tiring.



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