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Follow Me Over to the Bright Side…..

For various reasons, I am giving up on this blog.  It is a searchable blog unlike my other one, so it has made me very nervous to have identifying information about the kids on it when it began to become more popular, so I posted less to make it less popular, which is kind of funny!  Anyway, I miss blogging regularly and have decided to give the public blog thing another go with pseudonyms for my kids.

I’d love if you followed me over at my new site as I’ve had a lot of fun setting it up (and some sleepless nights as I tried to learn programming code!).  Please try not to mention the kids’ actual names in your comments though as I will not be able to publish those comments that do.  Thank you for your understanding!


Wordless Wednesday

Yarn Braids

The beginning…my friend Denise offered not only to teach me how to do yarn braids on Sedaya, but to do them with me.  Sedaya was so excited and counted down the days until the big day when she and I would head over to Denise’s and do her hair.  Here are the first two braids.

Many, many hours later…we were starting to see progress and had figured out a bit of a system that worked.  Thankfully, Sedaya was fabulous and SAT the whole time (she never sits at home – she normally won’t even sit to watch TV or a movie!) and she didn’t complain which made the day so much easier.  Denise and I got to visit a lot and laugh (especially at the end when delirium had kicked in from exhaustion)!

Sedaya decided she wanted to go to sleep, so we lay her on the couch and kept braiding…at that point, we’d invested so much time and effort, we weren’t about to give up!

A very tired princess!  (it was much easier for us to braid once she was sleeping though!)


*** that is a grand total of 85 yarn braids!

Wordless Wednesday

Another ESL moment

Even though Elijah and Sedaya have been home more than a year and a half and their English has come a LONG way, we still encounter words on at least a weekly basis that they don’t know and sometimes, it makes for some pretty interesting discussions!

Tonight, the kids and I are going to go over to my friend Holly’s and they are going to watch the movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” with her kids.  Upon hearing about this, Sedaya looked quite distressed and announced “I don’t wanna see that”.  I asked her why not and she scrunched up her face and said “that’s yucky!  I don’t wanna see a kid’s diarrhea.  That’s gross!!!”

Website, Book, Busy

I am still alive; I promise!  Between the Adoption Magazine website which has taken me way more time than I originally anticipated and editing my book and preparing to write the Epilogue, I have been more busy than usual, but I do have a post brewing.  I am just trying to figure out how to word it.

Other than being a much bigger time commitment than I realized it would be, the website has been going really well.  It’s obvious that Canada is really lacking in adoption resources and information because I have been getting some wonderfully encouraging e-mails from across the country thanking me for starting it.  There is still much work to be done on it, but it is a work in progress and for now, I have to be okay with that.  I also have had my first few bumps along the way, but thanks to Mark and my friend Denise for being my sounding boards, nothing turned into a major issue.

The book… well, ten months ago, I began writing a book of our experience with our last adoption.  I was able to finish it in a few months except for the Epilogue and I had to wait to do that because I wanted to wait until the kids had been with us a bit longer so that I could say “it was really difficult in the beginning, but now, they have adjusted really well” or that kind of thing.  I also needed to wait until Mark returned from his trip back to Ethiopia so I set it aside.  If the book were on my desk instead of in my computer, a very thick layer of dust would have gathered on it by now as I have not even glanced at it since about September!

In the meantime, I began writing articles online.  What I found happened is that, inevitably, with practise, my writing got better (though you’d never guess it from this thrown together post!) and so now that I have figuratively dusted off the book and prepared to write the Epilogue, I have had to start at the beginning and tweak a few things.  In this re-writing, I have only gotten to page 53 of my 187 pages and have yet to begin the Epilogue, so I will be not be done at the end of the month as I had planned.

But when you can only write one day a week (I have a babysitter on Mondays), slow going is inevitable!


Big Hair!!!

Just because sometimes you just need a little something to make you smile…

(yep. that’s all her real hair and that’s not even all of it…the back half was still in braids!)