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Easter Highlights

egg decorating

huge outdoor egg hunt…almost 300 hidden eggs!


(wordpress is being difficult today as far as uploading pics. so if you have access to our other family blog, head on over there to see some really adorable Easter pics)

All in all, the weather could not have been more perfect, the food was fabulous, the company was great, the kids had an awesome time, and of course the best part of all, the resurrection!


Titanic Party

Josiah is obsessed with Titanic (obsession takes on a whole new meaning when you have a child with Asperger’s!).  I have long learned that it is best to just go with his current obsession of choice rather than fight it.  April 14 is the anniversary of the day the Titanic sank and he wrote it on the calendar and wanted to know how we were going to commemorate that day.  I told him that we would do something, but as it got closer, I realized that that day I had a hair appointment and that night was Mark and my date night, so I sat Josiah down and let him know that we would have to do something on Friday instead.  In a very serious voice, he told me that Friday would work because the 15th is the anniversary of the day that Titanic first touched down on the ocean floor!!!

On the night the Titanic sank, they were serving a 7 course dinner in the first class dining room, so I decided to do the same.  It may have been a bit on the ambitious side as I forgot to calculate that a 7 course plate service meal for 11 people would mean 77 dishes, so we were mixing and matching plastic plates with our fancy ones!

Here is the menu I made and cooked up for the evening:

Mark made a playlist that included string quartet music (including the some the orchestra was playing while the ship sank) and songs from the Titanic movie, which we listened to during dinner and danced to.  I taught the kids which fork to use for which course and they sipped ginger ale out of wine glasses and loved that their napkins were folded into fans!  It was a very fun night!!!

(sorry Mandi about the eyes closed thing, but this is the only dinner picture I have of the “grown-ups table”!)

Fireman Birthday Party

Josiah wants to be a Fireman when he grows up, so he wanted that to be his birthday party theme.

the cake

stick the badge on the firedog

the craft

The Birthday Boy


Princess and the Frog Party

For Sedaya’s sixth birthday party, she wanted a Princess and the Frog celebration.  Here are some highlights:

For step-by-step instructions on how to make the frog cupcakes, click here.

Unfortunately, on the day of the party, the roads were terrible, so we had a lot of no-shows, but Sedaya still felt like the princess she is and that’s the important part.

If you want ideas for having your own Princess and the Frog party, I have written out details here.


Red Carpet Premiere Family Fun

For our most recent Family Fun Night, we did a theatre theme.  Some of the kids even dressed up and pretended to be stars going to a Hollywood Premiere!  Anyway, I don’t have the best pictures, but you’ll get the general idea.  The theme idea came from Karen, who also does Family Fun Nights with her family.  (thanks Karen!)

I decorated with movie themed tablecloth, cups, napkins, and skewers and used the extra paper popcorn boxes as more decorations.  We had a make-your-own nachos bar for supper with blue and white tortilla chips, cheeses, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos.  The kids all assembled their own and then I cooked them.

After a nutritious supper of nachos (!), the kids were each given a ticket that they could redeem at the “concession”.

The concession was a hit of course!  Even at a real movie theatre, there is no way the kids would be allowed that much junk to eat!

I had closed all the blinds and curtains in the house, trying to make it as dark as possible to make it like a theatre.  As a family, we watched “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry” which was perfect as it was appropriate for all the ages.  Later, when the younger five kids had gone to bed, Mark Mackenzie, Jonah, and I watched “The Blind Side”.  It was a great Family Fun Night and the kids all had a blast!


Gracelyn’s Horse Theme Party

For Gracelyn’s ninth birthday party, she wanted a horse theme.  She loves horses, though with her allergies, she cannot actually ride them.  Having two kids with December birthdays is always a challenge, but I was so fortunate this time to have Mackenzie ice the cake for me.  I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to certain things including cake decorating, so when I ice the cakes myself, it can take me anywhere from two and a half to four hours to finish, but as long as someone else is doing it, I don’t much care whether it’s perfect or not, so having him do this for me saved me hours of work.

This was Mackenzie (who is 15)’s very first time ever piping a cake and he did an amazing job!  What an amazing gift for his little sister and for his mom!  This is the finished product:

Decorations were pretty easy.  I had ordered horse plates, napkins, cups, banner, and blowouts.  I didn’t get a tablecloth, as I thought the wood table would be best.  I found a plastic bucket at the dollar store that looked like a tin feeding bucket.  I put the treat bags in the bucket and placed it in the middle of the table to build a centrepiece around.  I propped up some carrots with stalks on the bucket, propped up a foam cowgirl hat, and placed an apple next to that.  So simple, so inexpensive, but it worked well.  I placed little plastic horses on the table, which the party guests were able to take home after the party.

For activities, the girls at the party coloured white cardboard horses and they decorated the foam hat from the centrepiece with foam horse and cowgirl theme stickers.  We played “Trainer Says” which is like “Simon Says” but horse themed so the girls pretended to be horses and I said things like “trainer says swat the flies” or “trainer says trot”.  This went over well.  I had another game planned, but the girls decided to play a make believe barnyard game instead.

For food, I of course served carrots and apple slices and the birthday girl’s request of macaroni and cheese.  Here is a picture of the happy birthday girl.

I can still hardly believe that the baby girl who came to us at 4 lbs. 14 oz. is now 9 years old!  I love you like crazy muffins Gracelyn!

Eliana’s Penguin Party

It is no secret that Eliana’s favourite thing in the world (next to God and her family) is penguins.  For her sixth birthday, she asked for a penguin theme party.  This one is not as easy to pull off as themes where the cake pan and decorations are ready made, but I was up to the challenge!

For the cake, I baked a cake in the 3D mini bear pan, cut off its ears and feet, made a beak out of part of one of the ears and glued it on with icing, moved the feet to the front and iced.  

Then with the remaining cake batter, I poured it into a glass bowl and attempted to bake an igloo cake.  This one didn’t really turn out because it stuck to the bowl really badly and came out in pieces so I have to use the other side of it, so it wasn’t very round, but six year olds don’t care.  I sprinkled icing sugar over everything to look like snow and voila – penguin cake!

For activities, the kids did races with a balloon between their legs, like the dad penguins carrying the eggs, they made a penguin craft, and they made sugar cube igloos.  The kids who stayed later also got to watch “Happy Feet”.

The kids ate Penguins of Madagascar pasta, fish crackers, Oreos (because they are black and white), and drank blue punch (for the ice cold water that penguins like).  Eliana had a great time!