Gross, Yuck, No Fun

Gracelyn’s lungs are not doing well (they are at 50% lung function at the moment).  The appointment where I got that news was the day before Elijah started throwing up.  I thought “you’ve got to be kidding me!”  But wait!  It doesn’t end there!  Jonah’s birthday party was today and his friend from Wetaskiwin was already on his way to our house by the time Elijah threw up so it was too late to cancel, so today, I had the flu (not throwing up, just horrible headache that I can’t get rid of, stomach ache, achy body, feeling gross), Eliana, Elijah, and Sedaya were all not feeling well, and it was Jonah’s birthday party.  I got through thanks to Mark helping with the party and taking Grace for the day to do something fun with her.  I rented movies for the kids and literally let the TV babysit them while I lay on the couch for part of the day.  Now, Mark has a headache and is starting to feel sick, but Jonah’s friend from Wetaskiwin just got picked up and I am going to finally go put my pyjamas on and go to sleep!


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  1. Posted by Deanne on June 17, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    Oh dear- doesn’t sound like fun! I hope it’s the 24 hour variety and that you all feel better soon!


  2. aaah Sharla, that sounds like one of the worst days, ever! My prayers and thoughts are so with you, just so much. You’re an amazing mom and mean so much to so many people – I just pray you can get a few hours deserved rest so that you can feel better. I can only imagine how frustrated that day was to you! God’s strength be with you!


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