Weekly Wrap-Ups

I’ve fallen behind in my homeschool weekly wrap-ups, so this is a quick recap of the past three weeks or so.

Art Classes – most of the kids have been taking art classes on Tuesday mornings.  Each week there is a different project and they incorporate learning in as well, either about an artist and their style or technique or about social studies or science.  Their favourite one by far was the African Masks.  This one made by Sedaya impressed the instructors and I was blown away:

Gracelyn (who loves art) also took a 4 week sketching class on Fridays and really enjoyed that.

Drama – Eliana and Sedaya took two drama classes, one on Musical Theatre and one on Movement in Theatre.  Combining their love for dance, singing, and drama made the Musical Theatre one a favourite for them and true to form, my dramatic divas gave quite a performance at the end!!!

Cross Country Skiing – Jonah, Gracelyn, Josiah, and Elijah have all been taking cross country ski lessons.  This is the first year that our community has offered them to homeschoolers and the two hours of fresh air and exercise ensures that they sleep soundly those nights!

Swimming – Jonah completed the last level of swimming last session, so he isn’t taking lessons this time, but Eliana is now old enough that she can go and she is thrilled!  She could hardly sleep for a week before swimming started.  She has been watching her older siblings go off to their lessons for years and she could hardly wait for her turn!  The added bonus of course is that my mom usually takes them to their swimming lessons and to the one hour free swim after lessons, so getting to spend time with Gramma only makes it that much better!  Gracelyn, Josiah, Elijah, and Eliana are all taking lessons and on Early Dismissal days, Mackenzie has been joining them for the free swim afterwards.

“School” – With all those activities and Jonah’s hockey, it’s a wonder that we get any actual work done, but we have managed to.  We have worked our way up to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the Story of the World, started a new devotion book, and have been learning about money.  The three 8/9 year olds are using workbooks called Canadian Money.  Jonah is working on Daily Grams, spelling, devotions, Math, writing activities, a novel study, and a Map book.  Josiah is also working his way through a Daily Grams book.  We are all still doing a fair bit of memory work…a poem, quotes, and scripture verses.

Blind Taste Test – I saw this bottle of a new version of Pepsi called Pepsi Throwback and I decided to set up a blind taste test to see which I preferred.  I let Jonah and Mackenzie do it with me too just for fun.  The younger kids all wanted to play too, but I’m pretty strict about letting them drink colas, so instead, I made them a blind taste test using water from the tap and water from the water cooler.  It was just for fun, but it gave us the chance to discuss blind studies, placebos, how expectations affect results, and marketing.

To read weekly wrap-ups of other families and get great ideas, go to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


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  1. Love the mask! Nice work!


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