The Benefit of Perspective

I passed by some writing on the wall today, not of the figurative kind, but of the literal kind.  One of my youngest daughters, who is just learning to print, had printed her name, one of her sister’s names, and my name, “mommy”, on the wall in pencil and drawn a heart.  Many years ago, when my oldest sons were little boys, this would have upset me.  I probably would have lectured the culprit about writing on paper, not on walls or furniture, and would have made him erase it or wash it off.  Today, it upset me for different reasons.  It upset me because this might be the last time an early printer practices proudly on my wall.

I remember when my oldest sons, who are now teens used to leave me things like this to find; crayon drawings on night tables, army stick men pencilled on my bedroom wall, scribbles in permanent marker on my wedding photo, and brightly coloured stickers on my van windows.  It used to anger and frustrate me, and now, I miss their little fingerprints on the coffee table.

Experience and age bring a perspective I wish I had had when my older kids were little.  My youngest daughters may be our last children and there likely will be no more crudely sketched hearts once these ones are erased.  I took a good look at the markings on the wall and tried to cement them in my memory.  My heart swelled as I thought of the love this little one felt for me when she carefully printed my name and hers next to the heart she drew.  As I continued down the hall, I felt regret for not fully appreciating the tender hearts of young children when my boys were younger.  Now I know that the time goes by so quickly…



2 responses to this post.

  1. Take a picture of that wall, Sharla. That is pure gold…and so from the heart. That’s just beautiful, even on the wall!!



  2. Posted by Brandice on January 31, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Thanks:-) I need these kind of reminders too.


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