Spanish School Dropout

It’s official…I’m a dropout!  This year, Mark and I started taking weekly Spanish classes held at his brother’s house.  I have always wanted to learn Spanish.  I pick up languages fairly easily and I like the sounds of Spanish and think that as languages go, it is one of the more useful ones out there, so I was pretty excited.  I was less excited when at the first class, I realized that I was by far the person with the least experience in the class and felt a bit like I was holding the rest of the class up.

When leaving, I had every intention of studying and even pulling out our Rosetta Stone Spanish program, but I found that at this time in my life, I was busy with other priorities.  I have been putting a big emphasis on homeschooling this year and that has taken up hours every day.  I have been putting in about two hours a day with my writing.  I also have been working on a new project that I will tell you about once it is ready to unveil.  I am putting in time in the world of adoption still and am passionate about that work.  Then of course, there is the parenting 7 kids bit!  I found that I just wasn’t making the time for the Spanish homework.  To do so would have taken away from something that I really want to be doing right now.  Learning Spanish was one of those things that I wanted to do “someday”.  I still would like to learn it when the timing is right and when a trip is approaching to a location where I could put it into practise, but for now,

I am a Spanish school dropout!


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  1. I homeschool and we tried to learn Spanish for two years. We did retain some of it, but we are never going to speak it fluently. My kids didn’t like it and just didn’t want to. Now we are taking sign language classes. My son loves it, daughter don’t care, and I am enjoying it as well.


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