Weekly Wrap Up – Honesty

This week in homeschool was a good one.  As it was mid-November and hadn’t yet snowed, we made our own snow in Science.

The kids had fun trying different things with the “snow” like putting it in the freezer to get crunchy and adding more water to it to make it slushy.  I think making our own snow may have been a mistake though because the next day, the real stuff came and today, it’s minus 25* Celsius!

Tuesday, the three eight year olds went to a homeschool art class.  It was on Mirrored Canadian Landscapes.  Their projects were neat.  They made a scene in pastels on one end of the paper and then created the mirror image of the scene in torn bits of paper.

We did the usual stuff like Math, Memory work, Bible, Printing, Daily Grams, Spelling, etc.

In Story of the World, we were studying Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the kids all wrote out their names in hieroglyphs.

Josiah made this to welcome Mark and Mackenzie home from Ethiopia:

For over a month now, we have been doing this little book called “30 Very Veggie Devotions about Honesty”.  It’s Veggie Tales daily devotions that I assume are directed towards preschoolers, but they are easily adaptable to school-aged kids as well.  I have really been enjoying them as the daily lesson gives us a starting point for a discussion, provides relevant Bible verses and quotes, and ends with a short prayer about what we have learnt.  Now that we have been doing these devotions on a regular basis, I have been noticing two things.  First, that we are starting our homeschool mornings in prayer because of this, which is a great way to start a day.  I take the tiny prayer provided at the end of the devotion and add to it specific things about our family and those we know or know of who need prayer.  The kids sometimes give suggestions for the prayer as well.  The second thing I have noticed is that the honesty lessons are paying off.  There have been some great topics so far such as the boy who cried wolf and how lying becomes a habit, as can telling the truth.  When we were having our devotion the other day, Sedaya suddenly piped up and said, “mommy, I need to tell you the ‘trufe’ about something.  I took the syrop and went like this (motion of glugging the syrop into her mouth!).”  I stifled a laugh and told her that I was proud of her honesty and reminded her that syrop should go on pancakes, waffles, or crepes, and went on with the lesson.  I have noticed that all of our kids have been making more of an effort to be truthful in general and have been admitting to things more readily since we began these devotions.  I never would have believed that this little Veggie Tales book would have made such a difference in our family.  I even hear the kids talking amongst themselves about honesty because of it.

This afternoon, we are off to a field trip at the library with some other homeschoolers.  If anything exciting happens there, I’ll be sure to get some pictures.


2 responses to this post.

  1. What a neat art project! We just might have to try that one.
    Janet W


  2. I love the mirrored landscapes!


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