Weekly Wrap-Up

This week in our little homeschool was a great one!  On the teacher front (that would be me!), I was able to attend a wonderful homeschool meeting and prayer time with other moms which gave me a few new ideas and helped recharge me.  Here are some of the other things that went on this week:

We talked a lot about the future, different careers options, family, that kind of thing and the kids made a mini book for their “All About Me” lapbooks entitled “the future” in which they answered questions such as “when I grow up, I will…” and “my wish for the world is…”  They had wonderful answers and it was sweet to hear their dreams of a day when there will be no orphans in the world, everyone will have access to clean water, no one will be hungry, and they will be mommies or firemen or a builder and take their kids camping and when they will do anything for God.

On the subject of careers and future, we were able to take a field trip to a firehall, which was especially great for my younger boys because Josiah wants to be a fireman when he grows up and Elijah says he may want to be a fireman.  Before the field trip, I had the kids make the firemen a card or draw them a picture to say thank you for what they do and we brought cookies for them, which they seemed to like!

Look at their expressions as they look into this special camera that detects changes in heat and see how cold my nose is compared to the rest of my face!

a peek into the future perhaps?!

Here, Josiah and Elijah are checking out some of the equipment on one of the rescue trucks.

At the field trip, the kids also got to sit in a firetruck and go into the back of an ambulance and have their oxygen levels checked.  They got a tour of the fire hall, got to hold a fire hose, and were able to ask any questions they had.  The field trip was two hours long and there were many other homeschoolers there.  The kids really enjoyed it!

Also this week, we talked about “loyalty” and focused on that as our character quality of the week after it came up during a study of Benjamin Franklin using the Nest video and corresponding workbook.  Loyalty is actually a pretty difficult concept to explain to younger kids and it was much harder to find examples of the kids being loyal during the rest of the week than it had been to find examples of them taking initiative the weeks before.  Anyone have any good suggestions for reinforcing the loyalty concept?

As Thursday was Remembrance Day, we talked about the sacrifices servicemen and women have made for our freedom and the kids did a colouring sheet of the poem In Flanders Field and I read it to them and tried to get some of the older ones to memorize it.

Other than that, we did the usual…Math, memory work with quotes, scripture, and poetry, Devotions, Daily Grams, Story of the World – we are doing Ancient Egypt right now and I have decided to take some extra time on that with other activities next week as it’s really interesting for the kids, and I am reading “Ramona and Her Father” to the kids every day.  I loved Beverly Cleary as a girl and it’s bringing back wonderful memories for me, but I have to say that the chapters are incredibly long!  One more to go and then we are done though and moving on to another book.  Oh, and the kids had swimming lessons on Wednesday.

Jonah is continuing to read a book every couple of days, Gracelyn still loves practising art, and Josiah just started journal writing this week.

If you want to read more homeschool weekly wrap-ups, go over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and check them out.


10 responses to this post.

  1. My 8-year-old daughter has discovered Beverly Cleary books and announced yesterday that she is her “most favorite author”! (Shhh! Don’t tell! I’ve been reading the books along with her after the kids are in bed and things are settling down for the night! LOL)

    AWESOME field trip to the fire station!


  2. What a great idea of making cookies and a picture for saying thankyou. I invite you to join my daddy’s time hop!


  3. Great field trip photos!


  4. One of my dearest friend’s husband is a firefighter. That was very thoughtful of you to bring cookies and cards! I don’t know if your kids ever say mean things to each other during arguments (mine do) but perhaps an example of loyalty would be NOT saying mean things when you’re angry. If you’re loyal to someone, you don’t talk badly about them, either to their face or behind their back.



  5. My kids would LOVE a field trip like that!


  6. Thanks Samantha for the idea to reinforce the concept of loyalty. I will be using it.


  7. Wow, You guys had an awesome week. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Amazing, isn’t it, how some time with other homeschool moms can lift your spirits when you need it most!

    My oldest discovered Ramona at the library last year and instantly fell in love. They’re two peas in a pod!


  9. I am always amazed when the kids tell me their dreams and hopes for the future…now that my kids are getting older (mostly teens now), it’s exciting to see them narrow things down and think more detailed about long and short term goals.

    Love your trip to the fire hall! 🙂 We did that years ago when we lived in the city. Here we just have volunteer firemen in our area.


  10. What a fun field trip. sounds like a great week.



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