Weekly Wrap Up – Initiative

This week weekly homeschool wrap up (read more wrap ups at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers) is best summed up by sharing our biggest success this week…our lesson in “initiative”.  I had noticed that one or two of my kids will regularly do something that needs to be done without being asked, while the rest of them will walk past a wrapper on the floor without so much as bending down to pick it up and tossing it in the garbage, even if it is their own wrapper!  Wanting to change this, what I did was take note the week before of the times when someone in the family took initiative and did something without being told to and wrote these incidents down so that I would remember.  It was a very short list.  At the beginning of the homeschool week, I wrote down the word “initiative” on the white board and the definition and then we talked about what it really means in a practical sense and how it can positively impact a family.  I then read out the examples I had of people who had taken initiative the week before one at a time, praising that person and then we all clapped for each of the examples and gave them a “hip hip hooray”.  They were beaming!  Next, I gave some concrete examples of how we could all practise initiative and told them that their biggest assignment this week was to show initiative.  Every day, I gave a pleasant reminder in the morning that we should all be on the lookout for ways to show initiative and praised specifically each example of initiative from the previous day.  Wow!  The response has been incredible!  This is actually the second week and I have little ones running around picking things up and saying “mommy, I’m doing initiative”, eight year olds who I “catch” emptying the dishwasher because they noticed that it was done washing, and even older kids who seem to be pitching in a bit more!  Conclusion of this experiment…initiative is a lesson worth teaching!

These pictures were done by Eliana and Gracelyn at one of their art classes, entitled Pop Art, about making pictures using small dots a la Roy Lichtenstein.  Pop Art was the art class last week that five of the kids attended.  This week’s art class was Assemblage Sculpture and I have no photos of the results from that one.

Jonah has started hockey and four of the kids have started swimming lessons.  Jonah is in level 10 and is thinking he may want to continue on and perhaps train to become an instructor.

We finished reading “The Swamp Robbers (Sugar Creek Gang)” and on Tuesday after coming home from art class, I had the younger kids get their pyjamas back on, snuggle up under blankets, enjoy some treats, and watch “The Swamp Robbers” movie.  Afterwards, we discussed how the movie was different from the book and the power of our imaginations when combined by descriptive language when it comes to reading.

The rest of the time has been the usual…lapbooks, spelling, math, devotions, reading, memory work, and Story of the World.  To finish off, here is a picture Josiah drew of Elijah driving a tractor.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Wonderful! I think I should do one of these lessons too! 😉


  2. The theme at our church for the kids’ sunday school classes this month is initiative. I agree with you -it’s definitely a good one!



  3. Sharla, what I love about how you taught “initiative” is the encouraging way you went about it. That you thought of ways to specifically encourage the children that you saw doing well, instead of immediately pointing out the deficiencies of the kids. I need to hang out with you more because I’m so lacking in coming up with encouraging ways of challenging may children! My first reaction is to set up consequences for not doing what I want. Thanks for this post – it has really made me think about how I challenge my children towards godly character… because really, you taught servant-hood this week. And if our children can’t serve, they can never be effective leaders. Yay you!


  4. Posted by Diane on October 30, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Homeschooling is so much better! You’re doing a great job Sharla!


  5. Posted by mamalovemultipliedby4 on November 1, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Found this post in searching for other homeschooling moms. This is my first year homeschooling and it has been overwhelming. I hope to start implementing more character building lessons into our homeschool day as I adjust to homeschooling more. Enjoyed your post.


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