Hope International Dinner

Friday night, Mark and I attended the Hope International Fundraiser Dinner.  This was our third year attending and our second year hosting a table, but this year I was particularly looking forward to it.  Each year, the evening highlights one of the countries that Hope has projects in and this year, it was ETHIOPIA!  We decided at the last minute to bring our 15 year old son Mackenzie with us, as he and Mark will soon be traveling to Ethiopia and we thought he might enjoy watching the short documentary, “A Thirst for Africa” that is shown and hearing more about the country where he will be visiting and where two of his siblings were born.  Our friends D, N, M, S, and D also came with us and it was an added bonus to have an evening of adult company.  All of us are adoptive parents, so there was some adoption talk around the table, but other topics came up from time to time as well!

I loved seeing and hearing the impact Hope International has already had in Ethiopia.  They spent 11 years bringing clean water to the Derache region in Southern Ethiopia, where when they began, only 11% of the people had access to clean water.  Now, 85% of the people there do.  In the Derache region, there has been such tremendous change with the access to clean water, bringing with it improved health, the ability of girls to attend school now that they do not have to walk for hours to get water, and Hope implementing microfinance programs that have brought self-sufficiency to the region and sustainable income.  Now, Hope is focusing their efforts in Ethiopia on a region known as the Bonke region, hoping the bring clean water to most of the people there.  Hope International is doing tremendous work in developing countries all over the world and it was great to feel like a small part of something so powerful.


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