Weekly Wrap Up

Months ago, I picked up this little “laptop” of learning games for less than $20.  As Gracelyn’s doctor said she had to stay in the house all week, I thought it would be a good time to pull it out of hiding and surprise the kids with it.  It kept them entertained (and learning with math and spelling games) for hours.

As part of the kids’ “All About Me” lapbooks, they cut pictures out of magazines to put into their mini books entitled “My Favourite Things”.  I didn’t have any magazines for them to cut out so I put a request for donated magazines on my Facebook status and my niece Katie said that I could come by and pick some up from her.  When I got there, there were two bags of National Geographics and two bags of other magazines.  The other magazines we cut up for this projects and another collage the kids made.  The National Geographics, we put on our bookshelf and have been enjoying all the incredible pictures and interesting articles.  They make a great addition to our classroom as a learning resource.  Thanks Katie!!!

Jonah started on a lapbook on Hockey and Jonah attended his first session in a homeschool teen film group.  They will be meeting weekly, watching a movie (complete with popcorn and snacks), and discussing the film afterwards.  This week, they watched “A Beautiful Mind”.  Later that evening, Mark and I also had him write out what he had learnt from the movie.

We did the usual…reading, Daily Grams, devotions, memory verse, poetry memorization, quote memorization, Story of the World, spelling, crafts.  Josiah attended his digital photography class.

Elijah and Josiah rediscovered Lego this week and made some great creations!

Speaking of Creation, we read a book about Creation and every day, the younger five kids have done one colouring sheet about each day of Creation.

The girls made this wedding cake out of playdough.  They stamped the face of a princess on each of those layers and were very proud of their completed work!

We started our study this week on the human skeleton.  This magnet guy was pretty handy.  Each of the kids had to place one magnet to make up the skeleton and then later, place the magnets labelling the bones.  The kids played with a file folder game we have matching up the names of the bones to the skeleton.  The game includes many more labels than the magnet guy has, so I prefer it but I think using many tools helps the kids to remember better than using just one medium.  They also played with a puzzle of the human skeleton, complete with labelled bones that I got from Dollorama for $1 and I put up this dimensional chart that I also purchased there for $1.50.

Overall, a pretty good week.  My favourite part was that I went to a homeschool support and prayer meeting that was really encouraging.  The next few weeks, all the scheduled activities start up, so we’ll see how well I can juggle things when that happens!  If you’d like to be inspired by the ideas of other homeschoolers, head over to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to check out other Weekly Wrap Ups.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I know this is not directly related to your great post, but I LOVE your son’s tee shirt. Where did you get it?


  2. Posted by Deanne on October 1, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Thanks Sharla, I love keeping up with the kids and seeing pictures!


  3. Looks and sounds like it was a great week. Lots of learning and fun too! So neat to see their smiling faces and all the fun things that they’re doing.

    Love all the delicious foods in your post below! Was the soup you made from the leftover zucchini boats recipe more of a hit with the kids :o)? I’m glad you enjoyed it!



  4. you look like you hav a great classroom! and i love magnet guy-where did you pick him up? 🙂 the kids are so creative!


  5. Jessica,
    For more info. on the shirts, please check out my latest post. I love them too (I even have one for myself in purple and green).

    magnet guy was purchased at Scholar’s Choice I think or Education Station. He’s actually pretty great because he also comes with magnets for all the organs and labels for those as well.


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