Confessional Monday

A friend of mine posted a Confessional Friday, but I already had Food Friday, so I am doing mine on Monday.  It’s kind of fun.
-I had nachos and Pepsi for supper one day.
-I had chocolate and a Slurpee for breakfast another day.
-I don’t think it was the same day.
-I skipped teaching the kids their reading lessons one day so that we could watch the season premiere of “The Biggest Loser”.
-I went to WalMart to buy wax strips to wax my legs for the wedding we were going to Saturday and ended up buying a cartful of stuff, none of which were the wax strips.
-One of the things I bought was a kit to cover the grey in my hair.  Yes, I have plenty of grey!
-I am needing a baby fix.
-I got winded walking up six flights of stairs and think I may have to start exercising.
-I hate exercising!
-Last year, when we adjusting to adopting our two newest additions, I took a year off of having big birthday parties for all the kids.  This week marks the first time I will have to throw a party again and I’m wishing I had told the kids that I was taking two years off parties!
That’s all the recent confessions I can think of.  Oh and right now, I am choosing to type this instead of doing the photocopying that I need to do for homeschooling!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Love it! Fabulous job doing your confessional. Feels good, doesn’t it?


  2. Great stuff.. I may have to do that sometime, too! You, grey??!!! I don’t believe it!!


  3. This is very funny – because it’s so true! I can see me in many of your confessions! Good job keeping it real. 🙂


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