Weekly Wrap Up

A summary of what we did in our homeschool this week.  To read others, check out the list at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

We studied Amy Carmichael in Heroes for Young Readers and did all the associated activities, including learning her character quality of kindness and making these Kindness Crowns.  Then we marched around wearing the crowns while singing “We’ll Show Kindness” (the Amy Carmichael character song)

We started Story of the World Volume One and did some of the activities.  I like the curriculum and think it is going to be an easy one to modify to all the different age levels, but I found the opening chapter was actually difficult and I had to change some of the wording because it was about personal history and how if you don’t remember when you were born or what you ate on your first birthday, you can just ask your parents about it or look at pictures.  As the mother of five children who are adopted and not knowing anything about the birth of some of them, for two of them not even having a picture before they were four and seven years old, I needed to change the wording when reading aloud to be sensitive to their situations.  This was another thing that made me thankful that I was homeschooling.  If they were in regular school and had a similar lesson, they may have felt very upset and may not have been able to express that there.  But overall, I think we will enjoy this curriculum.

For memory, finished up on phone number, days of the week, Psalm 133:1, Mother Teresa quote and started learning the second verse of William Blake’s “The Tyger”.  The older four did a worksheet from the book “True of False”.  Jonah and Josiah did a page a day in Daily Grams.  Gracelyn worked in her Handwriting book.  Jonah wasn’t able to do any SOS Math as we were having computer issues and had to uninstall it.  Jonah read his usual three novels or so and also typed up a Reading Log of all the books he’s read in the past year or two…it was a very long list!  I read a few more chapters to the kids in “The Swamp Robbers” and read them a few other books.

We played with money this week.  I dumped out a large cup full of coins and we practised different ways of counting it, reviewed the names and values for each of the coins, and played little games such as “find me ten cents without picking up a dime”.  For some of the games, I let them keep their money.  Then, we set up a store and they were able to spend their money.  They took turns being the cashier and giving change.  It was a great, fun way to learn.  The three eight year olds then completed a few pages in their “Canadian Money” workbooks.

The kids collected pine cones and made them into pictures and collected leaves and made rubbings with them.  How I love fall!!!  Such beautiful colors!  They also picked apples off the neighbour’s tree (with permission from the neighbour of course!).

Eliana, Sedaya, Gracelyn, and Elijah attended a drama class called “Improv Arts”.  They all loved it!  The instructor was great at teaching them new vocabulary and actual techniques while still making it light and fun.

Josiah took photos and had them developed to bring with him to his Digital Photography Class, which he is really enjoying.

Jonah has gone with some of our relatives to a wedding and a funeral in another province, so he missed a few days of official homeschool, but having the opportunity to learn about a life well lived and to see the beginning of a couple’s life together is an education in itself.

I just love this picture that Gracelyn drew of she and her sisters!  All my girls love to draw and the boys are starting to draw more now as well.

All in all, we didn’t accomplish as much I would have liked because Grace still had a lot of appointments and Elijah had one as well, but Gracelyn not being in the hospital made for a much better week and she is doing so well that the appointments and even the week in the hospital were worth it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love Grace’s drawing too! I haven’t read but just your recent post, but your story sounds like a blessing to you and your children. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around again! (I still haven’t figured out how to “join” non-blogger blogs, but I’ll keep trying!)


  2. Hey Sharla! Thanks for visiting my hs blog thru the weekly wrap-up. Of course, I had to come and check yours out and your family looks awesome!! I will definitely have to come back and read about your adoptions. I started reading another post and will have to come back and comment on it, because something you said about one of your kids struck a cord in my heart. It sounds as if she is experiencing something that I have always gone through. Curious? Well, I’ll come back really soon to comment on it. Anyway, your hs week looks like it turned out great. Your school room looks good, too. Mighty big!

    You asked about the Natural Speller and Systematic Mathematics. Well, NS is just a book that can be used through 12th grade. There are lists, rules, and activities suggested, and YOU make up the weekly lists according to your child’s needs. It would be much easier with it already set up for you, but my son just can’t do that. He needs individualized lists. It’s a rather small book, but you could really use it for all ages and grades. Just takes some extra time to come up with your own plans.

    Now, the Systematic Mathematics is dvd lessons with worksheets per lesson and tests at the end of each unit. It starts at 6th grade, I believe. NOTHING fancy about it, just a man at a board teaching the lesson, really short lessons, and then you do the worksheet. It’s very challenging!!! He sometimes uses word problems from textbooks from the early 1900’s and even earlier!!! Then you begin to notice how much we have been dumbed down!! I like it because he uses real life situations in his word problems, which there are a ton of word problems!!! Like I said, very challenging! My son likes it.

    Blessings to you and your family. If you’re interested, my other blog is http://createdtobringhimglory.blogspot.com/


  3. Thanks for your kind words on Alan’s transplant story.
    Glad to see your little girl is doing better this week! We will be learning about money in a month or so. Your post reminds me we’ll need to re-open our store for that! 🙂
    Have a great week!


  4. I love your daughters drawing. It looks so full of Love. My son is an artist at heart too and I just adore finding his little drawing of the family and life around the house.


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